Water Protection Plan

Let’s Protect Our Water

We have great-tasting water in Holladay. And best of all, nature keeps replenishing our local water sources. The last thing we want to see is contamination. 

That’s why it’s important for water companies to have a good source-protection plan to help educate businesses and residents on how best to store, use and dispose of hazardous materials. Ignoring the proper storage, use and disposal of products such as fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, oils, cleaners, and pharmaceuticals can result in these products seeping through the ground or into storm drains and contaminating water supplies.

Handling instructions for such products are typically on the containers; the Utah Division of Drinking Water also has online fact sheets regarding these products: https://deq.utah.gov/public-interest/fact-sheets.  

            Lastly, don’t let contaminated water get siphoned back into your house. Make sure your household water lines are installed correctly, and install backflow-prevention devices, if needed. These devices are designed to prevent the backflow of contaminated water into your house pipes and our distribution system if a pipe breaks or related incident occurs. These types of devices often are installed on sprinkler systems.

            And make sure the end of your garden hose isn’t in contact with stagnant water: a hose in a hot tub, pool, pond, bucket or gutter can act as a siphon and move contaminated water into your house and company’s water system.           


To learn more about Holliday Water Company’s source-protection plan, contact the company at 801-277-2893.