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For line break emergencies beyond office hours call: Ingo (801) 641-0691


Our Committment to you:

Holliday Water Company is committed to providing safe, high quality water services to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation.


Please help us keep you protected by keeping Water meters visible and accessible – clear away all vegetation  

Payment Options:

  • Call our office at (801) 277-2893 (debit/credit or e-check)
  • Autopay with Xpress Bill Pay (Click on Green Payment box listed above and to the right of your screen)
  • Mail in payment with your bill stub  
  • Please check periodically to make sure your payment method is current.

Construction ahead - Wander Lane main line

As part of our ongoing pipeline replacement program, we will be installing a new water pipeline along Wander Lane to better serve customers. Construction will start in July, beginning at Blackburn Circle and moving south along Wander Lane to Floribunda. You will be seeing utility markings on the ground, and our construction timeline is estimated to go through September.

Road-closure signs will be posted as we move along the street. We will do our best to keep driveways accessible after construction hours. Please avoid parking vehicles on the street to help move the work along and make it easier for neighbors to travel. Use caution when driving through the construction zone. Water service is expected to continue during construction except for occasional interruptions and for the few hours it takes to connect with intersecting pipelines. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation. 



Your Water Bill -- FAQs:

  1. What is the “Minimum Charge” on the bill?

Answer: The Minimum Charge is a quarterly charge that helps cover fixed costs associated with providing water service, and it is billed to everyone. Many utilities have similar charges that are called by different names such as “service fee,” “basic service fee” and “basic charge.”

  1. What is the water charge?

Answer:  This charge occurs once a shareholder uses more water than their share covers. See tiered rates by clicking on “Customer Service Tab” and select “Water Rates.”

  1. How much water does a company stock share provide?

Answer:  Each house and business connected to the Holliday Water Company system has a share or partial share of stock. One full share of company stock includes 60,000 gallons of non-billed water per year, which are allocated as follows: 10,000 gallons for the first quarter; 20,000 gallons for the second quarter; 20,000 gallons for the third quarter; and 10,000 gallons for the fourth quarter.

  1. Is there a fee to pay by credit card?

Answer:  No.

  1. Can I set up my account for Autopay?

Answer:  Yes. Go to www.xpressbillpay.com. Create an account, select Holliday Water Company, and enter your water-account number (without decimals).



EPA'S Lead & Copper Rule Revision 

The EPA now requires all water companies in the U.S., whether they have lead service lines or not, to comply with certain requirements to reduce exposure to lead from pipes and plumbing.

Holliday Water Company has established a plan to identify any lead pipes in the system, but trying to determine what types of pipes exist on your side of the meter will require teamwork. We will provide more information over the coming months on how we can work together to identify any lead pipes in the system. Oct. 16, 2024 is the deadline EPA set for completing all service-line inventories. For general information, see sources below:

Lead and Copper Survey

EPA General Information

Click on the following video link to learn more about the possibility of lead and/or copper in your home.

Lead & Copper - Is it in my home? Video