To serve you better, we've assembled a list of our customers' most frequently asked questions. If you don't find your answer here, feel free to contact us.

Why is my water bill so high?

Recognize that the billing covers a three-month period.  Check to make sure your sprinklers are in good working order -- no broken sprinkler heads or double watering cycles.  Do you have a running toiler or dripping faucet?  Contact our office if you still have concerns.

What does the "MC" on my bill refer to?

The "MC" is the minimum charge.  It is a base charge for all customers and is determined by the meter size.  The charge provides funds for purchasing and maintaining meters, treating and pumping water, maintaining water lines, billing services and other related fixed costs, all required to provide safe drinkable water to our customers. The "WA" is the cost for the actual water used.

What do I do if I am experiencing low pressure?

Check your meter and the surrounding area for possible leaks.  Check whether your pressure reducing valve is stuck, malfunctioning or needs adjustment.  If problem still persists, call our office and report low pressure for your area.

Why is my water discolored?

A repair could have been completed recently allowing air to enter the line, causing the milky look.  Following repairs the water can also be a slightly brownish color.  To resolve the issue, turn on the cold water in your bath tub.  Let the water run to draw through any residue that might have been dislodged during the repair.  Do not run the hot water as it can draw the residue into your water heater.  Also do not run taps on sinks where there is a strainer, as it will clog them up.  Call office if the situation persits.

What chemicals does our utility district add to the water?

Only chemicals that are approved by the National Safety Foundation for treatment of drinking water.

My water tastes, looks and smells funny. Is it safe to drink?

All public water systems are required to maintain a minimum chlorine level of 0.2 mg/L (tested at the end of each line) by state law. Systems that use chloramine as a disinfectant must maintain a level of 0.5 mg/L by state law. Our disinfectant levels are tested daily to ensure safety.

Why does debris come out of the faucet when running hot water?

Most likely your water heater needs to be flushed. CAUTION: Most manufacturers recommend hiring a professional to flush your water heater. If you plan on doing this yourself, read the owner's manual ensure safety and avoid damaging the water heater.

Why do I have a previous balance when I know I sent in my payment?

We may have received it after the due date or we may not have received it at all. Check your Xpress Bill Pay account if you have auto-pay and make sure your method of payment is still valid.  If you still have issues, please contact us.